Good search is supported by good consulting.
We’ve created well-proven and highly disciplined processes for each.

Our search process is defined by six distinct phases.

+ Step 1 | Discovery and Analysis
This is where we get inside your head and analyze your club culture, beliefs, and needs to discover and frame the attributes, skills and experiences of the ideal candidate to help you achieve your goals.

+ Step 2 | Positioning Strategy
We position the opportunity for candidates in the marketplace through an accurate and compelling portrayal of your club.

+ Step 3 | Candidate Intelligence
We have our finger on the pulse of the club climate, so we can access the right people in every market. By accessing the right people in every market we have our finger on the pulse of the local club climate. Candidates take our call on the first bounce. We know the talent to nurture and the people to avoid. Most importantly, we wake up every day excited to learn about new and emerging talent in the industry. We cast a national net with the regional and local focus needed for success.

+ Step 4 | Managing Interview Process
We employ disciplined benchmarking of candidates for alignment with client goals, combined with nuanced intelligence that comes from a team of pros who have conducted hundreds of searches successfully. We serve as the human resources function for organizations.

+ Step 5 | Lead candidate exploration
Now we really get inside the final candidates' heads. We use a variety of interview styles from a deep toolbox, tailoring second and third interviews to shine a bright light in all corners. Concurrently, we use proprietary testing to illuminate a candidate's thinking style, behavioral traits and problem-solving skills. References are conducted by tough-as-nails skeptics. You will receive multiple narrative references.

+ Step 6 | Structuring the deal and beyond.
The offer is crafted using extensive industry datapoints, current economic conditions, and industry trends. We are big believers in pay for performance. We apply our industry-leading Performance Management tools and experience to drive alignment between board expectation and candidate focus for breakthrough improvement. We coach both the client and the successful candidate in onboarding and newcomer socialization for accelerated success.

We deploy our disciplined consulting process to develop solutions that strengthen the organization.

+ Step 1 | Identifying Clear Goals
What do you really want to achieve? We partner with you to determine and pinpoint your goals. Clear goals set the foundation for success. They are the guiding monuments that keep all steps in the process on track and provide a standard by which to measure our results.

+ Step 2 | Identifying Problems
What problems stand in the way of achieving the goals of the club? Our external perspective enables us to see problems that may not be obvious from the inside. We then work to gain internal agreement that these issues are standing in the way of achieving goals. We view such problems as opportunities to learn from mistakes and move forward with a better, more effective design. Our experience and knowledge enable us to navigate this process with an effective yet deft hand.

+ Step 3 | Analyzing Problems
What are the causes of the problems? Figuring out the "why" behind problems is critical to ensure that those problems are fully remedied and removed from the pathway to the set goals. We keep an open mind during this step and look at all possibilities, including people performance, operations design, budget, and many others. We will assist you in determining where these causes lie, so that you can move on to design a plan that is clear of impediments.

+ Step 4 | Designing the Plan
How can the set goals actually be achieved? This step is where the nuts and bolts are laid out prior to taking action where next steps are organized in the most logical order, and responsibilities and timelines are assigned. We can assist you in your design by advising recommended action plans and possible next steps.

+ Step 5 | Applying and Implementing the Plan
How can the plan be effectively executed? We are here to help you put the wheels in motion to achieve your goals through on-the-ground consulting and training. Or the club's stakeholders may choose to implement the plan on their own.