Over the last twenty years, we have formed a network of passionate pros with the overlapping skills required to help clubs make their leaders more effective and their members more loyal and enthusiastic.
Photo of Alison Savona

Alison’s club experience includes the Boca Raton Resort Club where she was an Associate Manager, a Director of Events, and an active Club Member Ambassador. At the IMI Club NYC, she successfully created structure from the ground level and created and implemented all club systems, procedures, and guest relations program. Most recently, in Westport, Connecticut, Alison was the Hospitality Manager for one of the world’s largest asset management firms, where she oversaw a Hospitality department from its inception.

Alison holds a B.A. in Arts and Humanities from Florida Atlantic University. Throughout her career Alison has also obtained extensive certifications in wine studies and has dabbled in wine retail to further her passion in the field.