DENEHY Club Thinking Partners is a full-service executive search and management consulting firm serving the private club and boutique resort industries.

At more than 220 private clubs and boutique resorts where we have handled nearly 500 projects, our results-oriented executive search and consulting have positively influenced the member/guest experience.

Whether recruiting a senior level employee, evaluating an aspect of club operations, advising the board on governance, or strengthening your management team’s effectiveness, we are your thinking partner.

Hiring top leadership talent is the most important job of a club's board.
By managing the process more rigorously and having access to a national talent pool of which the board
may not be aware, we ensure that a club's key leadership positions are filled by individuals who match the club's culture and have the club-specific skills desired by its membership.

Executive recruitment for:

  • + General Manager/COO
  • + Golf Course Superintendent
  • + Golf Professional
  • + Financial Leadership
  • + Membership Marketing
  • + Executive Chef
  • For over 30 years, we have managed clubs from the inside and provided consulting guidance as a trusted outside advisor. Tools we deploy in our Board and Management Advisory practice are:

    + Governance Modeling
    + Strategic Leadership Consulting
    + Board and Committee Surveys
    + New Club Development
    + Asset Acquisition Analysis
    + Performance Management
    + Employee 360º
    + Club Experience Surveys
    Club operating inefficiencies often result from a blurring of board and management roles. We partner with clubs to define the breakpoints that segregate the proper roles of these two groups.
    Often a board can identify problem areas at the club, but the multi-faceted implications of various solutions may be difficult to foresee. We work with the board to analyze such problems and avoid unintended consequences when a solution is decided on and implemented.
    In analyzing governance, we often utilize board and committee surveys to clarify problem areas and identify conflicts in the ways in which board members and management see their roles.
    Our experience in new club development varies from working with sponsors from the ground up and continuing a relationship once the club is running to strategic planning about certain aspects of operations to assisting with staffing to financial planning.
    When clubs have an opportunity to expand operations through acquisition, we analyze fully the financial, operational and even cultural implications of undertaking such a move.
    We work with clubs to implement performance management that results in all aspects of their operations working together in an optimum fashion. We help clubs embed this process in day-to-day operations to ensure that goals are consistently being met in an effective and efficient manner.
    We utilize the Employee 360º Diagnostics tool to identify who in your management team is highly collaborative and who’s not on the bus.
    Surveys that determine how members view various aspects of club operations—dining, golf, tennis and spa, for instance—can help management identify areas where changes are needed to keep members happy and membership rolls at optimum levels.