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CTP/NCA Webinar: Getting Members on Board with the New Rules

Aired 6/5/2020: The rules have changed as clubs are slowly getting to the new normal. The team from Club Thinking Partners, a leading executive search and consulting firm serving the private club industry, will discuss how clubs are adapting and communicating these changes to get buy-in from their members.

CTP/MGA WEBINAR: The Strategic Role of your Board During the COVID-19 Crisis Board and Management Expectations 

Aired 6/4/2020: As clubs slowly reopen in a fluid environment, the roles and responsibilities of the Board, committees and management are blurred. To successfully navigate through the pandemic, clubs must manage change and be nimble enough to respond quickly. Denehy and James will present strategies and tools to help boards successfully evaluate their current status, assign responsibilities, communicate, and make important decisions to lead the Club through and beyond COVID-19.

To view slides from this presentation, please click here.


Aired 3/27/20: The velocity at which the Coronavirus pandemic is changing daily makes it increasingly more difficult for club leaders to manage the business and their people. In partnership with the NCA, the Club Thinking Partners team discussed what we know now and what we need to know to make staffing decisions for the next six months.



CTP COVID-19: Newsletter I

CTP COVID-19: Newsletter II

CTP COVID-19: Newsletter III



Coaching: A Critical Business Skill For Our Time

Reopening and Restarting 


October 2021

Putting a Charge into Private Club Parking Club Business

Economics of a Club’s Food & Beverage Operations

Four Exclusive Clubs Benefiting From Remote Work

Celebrating the Longevity of Club Professionals

Data-Driven Leadership: What is the Alternative?

Golf Around the World

September 2021

Identifying Your ‘Top 20’

August 2021

Changing Workforce Patterns From the Pandemic

July 2021

The 2 Types Of Wow Customer That Zappos, Ritz-Carlton Train For And Empower (And Why You Should Too)

Your Employees Stepped Up in a Crisis. What Happens When It’s Over?

OSHA Healthcare Employer Safety Rule Takes Effect, Compliance Deadlines Begin,

How Can Clubs Provide a Safe Workplace?,

Technomic’s Take: Roadblock to Recovery

What Employees are Saying About the Future of Remote Work

June 2021

Why Your Leaders Must Be Able to Attract and Retain Great People

Four Tactics for Becoming a More Flexible Manager

The Future of Golf

Working from Home Has Reshaped Workers

Golf Gets a New Look as Luxury Brands Appeal to Younger Players

May 2021

Keep Your Club Moving Forward, Quick Insights

How Brand Strategy Can Help Clubs Navigate COVID-19 and Into Future

How Restaurants are Diversifying Revenue Streams

Ga. Governor Approves To-Go Cocktails

Road to Recovery, Inflation, Reopening and Customer Demands

Unemployed Reassess Job Options in Wake of Pandemic

March 2021

A 7-step Plan for Business Leaders to Win in the Post-COVID Economy

COVID-19 Update: USDA, FDA Underscore Current Epidemiologic and Scientific Information Indicating No Transmission of COVID-19 Through Food or Food Packaging,

U.S. Immigration and COVID-19-Related Travel Considerations

CDC Recommends Steps To Prevent COVID-19 Spread At Gyms

February 2021

Leadership in the Era of COVID-19

Golf Course Superintendent Talks About 2020 and 2021 Staffing

3 Ways to Build a Diverse and Inclusive Board

Attracting and Retaining a Younger Membership, From The Club at Renaissance

Introducing the Era of Conscientious Luxury

Managing a reversible golf course

January 2021

COVID Money Tracker

Updated COVID-19 Guidance includes indoor air-quality best practices

EEOC Updates COVID-19 Guidance on Employer Administered or Mandated Vaccinations

Employer Considerations Regarding Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations

Tips for Overcoming COVID Fatigue

November 2020

A guide to who can safely get the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine

Why monitoring your ’emotional gas tank’ is critical to fighting burnout

Authenticity is even more important at this time

The Old Restaurant Model Is Dead

October 2020

Don’t Get Blindsided by Your Blind Spots

Building a stronger club

4 COVID-related EEOC complaints – and how to prevent them

Let’s Talk Club Management Ep. 38 – COVID-Friendly Fall & Winter Events

5 Strategies to Support Your Employees Through a Crisis

Food Safety Factbook for Dishroom Operations

Clubs Place a New Premium on Insurance

Leadership Transition During a Pandemic

Spotting and Fixing Dysfunctional Nonprofit Boards

Enjoy Your Meal—Quickly. Restaurants Introduce Time Limits

September 2020

Leaders, Are You Feeling the Burden of Pandemic-Related Decisions?

Managing Food Safety During COVID-19

Time to Open Up the Buffets

Clubs Sanctioned for Hosting Events without COVID Compliance

Lessons on Running Virtual Events From Nonprofit News Organizations

Courts begin to take action on business interruption claims as more lawsuits are filed

Innovating Out of Necessity- How Businesses are Adapting to Stay Relevant

Can City Clubs Survive Today’s Post-COVID-19 Threat?

Board and Management Performance in a Crisis

Case Study: The Union League of Philadelphia: Innovating Through Growth with Five Locations

Case Study: Champions Run Outside the Box Member Engagement

Has the Pandemic Changed Hotel HVACs?

The Road Back: Valuable Lessons from The CC at Mirasol’s “Virtual School”

August 2020

The Road Back: Ensuring a Bright Future for Members and Staff at The Club at Mediterra,

COVID-19 Impact: Time to Stratify the Recovery

Contact Tracing: How Technology Can Help End the Pandemic

US States’ Small Business Support Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

New York Federal Court Ruling Invalidates Crucial DOL Regulations Interpreting the FFCRA

Coronavirus Regulations: A State-By-State Week in Review

Restaurant Virus Coverage Ruling Offers Insight for Insureds

Insurer Moves Developer’s Virus-Coverage Suit to Fed Court

Summer of Golf continues: July rounds up 20% 


An Agile Approach to Budgeting for Uncertain Times

How to avoid common mistakes with EEOC complaints

How to Be a Super Board Chair

Leadership: How to See What the World Is Teaching Us About COVID-19

Hiring again after wide-scale layoffs

Golf Travel – What’s the Impact? 

9-Hole Play is Up During Pandemic

Tackling 2020 budgetary concerns

Turf remains in session

A Return to Dinner at the Club Can Be a Source of Comfort

Updated COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker Adds More Data,

Impact of the Presidential Executive Orders on Employee Payroll Tax Relief and Unemployment

Golf’s ‘Perfect Storm’ Amid Pandemic?

Five Legal Questions About Resuming In-Person Events as COVID-19 Continues

ClubsHELP Launches 100-Hole Challenge



New Twists on Takeout

July 2020

COVID-19 Report 29: Operators Dig In

4 Employee Benefit Ideas to Help Parents This School Year

The largest management companies give back

Taking to the Outdoors to Keep Members, Guests Active

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

What’s Next for Restaurants? Tech can Help

Virginia Is First State to Adopt Emergency COVID-19 Standard,

State Alcohol Delivery Laws/Orders/Regulations Tracker

Expansion of Restaurant Off-Premise Alcohol Sales

COVID-19: New survey reveals member attitudes

AHLA Unveils Stay Safe Guest Checklist

Tracking the Turnaround

Global Economy Reopening Tracker

The Road Back: How to Safely Host “Mid-Pandemic” Tournaments and Leagues

How to Stay Health-Care Compliant as a Small Business

An employee has COVID-19. Should you close your restaurant?

Clubs Forced to Pivot as COVID-19 Cases Trend in the Wrong Direction

IRS updates Employee Retention Credit FAQ for Exempt Organizations

Restaurant COVID-19 Protocols

UPDATED COVID-19 Reopening Guidance: A Guide for the Restaurant Industry

The Road Back: “The Visionary Project” Captures Best Practices and Principles

June 2020

Coronavirus Regulations: A State-By-State Week In Review

The pandemic caused many to rediscover the joys of walking. Will the feeling last?

Coronavirus opens door to company surveillance of workers

Effective Communication Tips During COVID-19

How to communicate when an employee tests positive for COVID-19

How to Make the Contact-Free Hotel Experience Personal and Engaging

SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loans and Advance Program Reopened to All Eligible Small Businesses and Non-Profits Impacted by COVID-19 Pandemic,

Health Club Operators Create Alliances To Help With Reopening Efforts

Tour Confidential: How did the PGA Tour handle its first positive Covid-19 test?

Bright Spot: Reaching Out To Isolated Members During The COVID-19 Shutdown

5 ways to lead a company during uncertain times

The Country Club NOLA helps guests breathe easier with new virus fighting A/C system

Federal Reserve Board Letter

A Plan for Real-Time Contact Tracing in the U.S.

Be it rust or polish, players are getting a feel for their games at Colonial

Consumers are Excited to Return to Restaurants, but They Want a Safe and Relaxing Experience, Datassential Says

A List of Reopening Tactics by Department

The Visionary Project: Best Practices & Business Protocols in the Aftermath of COVID-19

Coronavirus: 10 lessons for the golf course management industry

Returning to the Workplace: Legal Obligations and Risks

Updated: PPP Flexibility Act Signed Into Law

Contact Tracing for Employers

Biometrics’ Place in a Post-COVID World

How—and If—Companies Are Implementing Temperature Checks

How the busiest golf course in the U.S. is coping with a strange new reality

Restaurant Reopening Guidance


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