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Bohemian Club | San Francisco, California
General Manager

About the Club

The Bohemian Club is clearly one of the most iconic, unique, interesting and private clubs in the world.  It is a private men’s club founded in 1872 by nineteen men who were journalists and artists. Today, the Bohemian Club is distinctive for its focus on the four pillars of the arts – music, drama, art, and literature, all of which are performed, written, and produced by the Club’s members. This commitment to the arts is beyond deep in the club’s culture; it is the Club’s culture and the committee system and management team are both engineered to support this mission.  While many clubs purport all members are equal, this concept is deeply embedded into the Bohemian Culture. All members, in various ways, contribute to the Club’s mission by way of committee involvement and by way of producing, participating in and supporting events that support the four pillars. Currently over 240 entertainment, social, intellectual, and music events occur at the city club annually between September and May in addition to the events that occur or at the Grove during two specific periods in the summer.

The Club has two locations: a city clubhouse in the Union Square district of San Francisco, and the Bohemian Grove, a retreat north of the city in Sonoma County. The City Club is housed in a spacious, five-story brick building that features two dining rooms, a men’s lounge, library, reading room, art gallery, game room, barber shop, print shop, and a theater that seats over 600. There are 16 guest rooms for members use only and seven banquet/meeting rooms. Over 280 artistic programs are produced for members and guests by the members each year at the City Club between mid-September through mid-May.  There are also two art galleries that display art by members as well as special exhibits. The City Club has approximately 80 full-time employees, with most of the service staff being members of the hotel workers union.

The “developed” portion of the Bohemian Grove used annually by members occupies about 200 acres of the Club’s 2,700-acre redwood forest on the Russian River in Sonoma County located 70 miles north of San Francisco. The Club maintains several large structures for use by all members and guests: a large commercial kitchen and contiguous outdoor dining area, grill and bar, clubhouse, store, and several other out buildings.  Members and guests stay in one of 119 camps, housing from 5 to 150 members, which each have distinct characteristics which are maintained by that camp’s members.  Camp accommodations range from tents to rustic cabins or lodges, all constructed in naturalistic styles that blend with the surroundings.

The most recent General Manager held this position with the Club for seventeen years and did an excellent job.

About the Position

The responsibilities of the General Manager include partnering with the Board on all strategic decisions and planning while supporting the very high functioning committee infrastructure that fuels the four pillars described above. Club operations are very much entrusted to the General Manager and his competent management team. The successful candidate is expected to be an excellent leader to the stable, high functioning service-oriented staff with a high morale and an esprit de corps. The General Manager will be fiscally responsible in operating and maintaining the Club’s facilities while ensuring that services are provided to the members which meet their needs and responsibilities. The General Manager must project to the members an image that combines understatement, professionalism, and the highest of quality.

The General Manager reports directly to the Club’s Board of Directors, and works closely with numerous committee chairmen and members who lead the Club’s artistic and social activities.  All staff of the Club report to the General Manager, including an Assistant Manager, Grovekeeper (who resides at the Grove), Human Resources Director, Director of Finance, and Executive Chef.

About the Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate must be a sophisticated, clear leader with a humanistic management style and excellent judgement and who will be deeply committed to the Club’s culture while serving a discriminating eclectic membership.  He also must have a strong people-oriented management style and be able to design and operate a multi-year financial strategy, as well as exercise strict financial discipline.  He must have an ability to oversee a diverse array of amenities and support functions and have substantial food and beverage knowledge.

Candidates should have a minimum of a minimum of 15 years of progressive management experience in luxury hotels, resorts, and/or high-end private clubs. Knowledge of and experience coordinating and integrating diverse areas of management: member services, human resources, finance/accounting, hotel management, and club governance. Experience in working with unions and negotiating union contracts is beneficial.  Grove operations require scaling a business unit from 13 staff to hundreds overnight.

A college graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Hospitality Management or equivalent is required. Professional certifications CHA, CCM, CCE or similar professional development achievements, are highly desired.

Apply for This Position

Upon confirming mutual interest, candidates will be given additional information including metrics and programming.    Interested candidates should communicate directly to Dan Denehy at Club Thinking Partners by completing the Club Management Candidate profile form and submitting a compelling cover letter detailing their alignment with any of the arts (professionally or personally) and resume for consideration. If you have any questions or to recommend a candidate, please contact Dan Denehy: 203.319.8228 /