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The Nassau Club | Princeton, New Jersey
General Manager

About the Club
Established in 1889, The Nassau Club of Princeton is a distinguished social club that offers its members and guests a tranquil retreat from the bustle of modern life. Founded by a diverse group of individuals representing Princeton’s “town & gown,” the club’s rich history spans over 130 years. Initially established to provide dining and social facilities for male residents and non-residents of Princeton. With a membership exceeding 1,100 individuals, including esteemed graduates from various collegiate institutions, The Nassau Club has been proud to count former U.S. Presidents Grover Cleveland and Woodrow Wilson among its notable members.

Nestled in its current location on Six Mercer Street since 1903, The Nassau Club boasts a magnificent 20,400 sq ft clubhouse that has been expanded and renovated over time to cater to the needs of its growing membership. Offering an array of amenities, including seven distinct dining areas, Wednesday speaker luncheons featuring outstanding presenters, a spacious bar, guest rooms, multiple meeting rooms, and memorable special events, the club provides an inviting atmosphere for members to gather for social engagements, theater evenings, entertainment-themed dining experiences, or simply enjoy convivial conversations over drinks at the bar.

The club has recently made significant capital investments and plans to upgrade all its windows. Open six days a week year-round, The Nassau Club generates an annual gross revenue of $3.7 million, with Food & Beverage accounting for approximately $2 million, of which 46% is attributed to private events.

About the Position
The General Manager will assume responsibility for overseeing all operations of The Nassau Club in accordance with the policies set forth by the Board of Trustees, the By-laws, and the club’s rules. Working closely with the club’s external accountants, the General Manager will prepare a final draft of the annual operating and capital budgets, subject to the oversight and approval of the Finance Committee and the Board. Efficient management and control of operations to achieve desired results will be a key focus. The General Manager will coordinate all management functions, provide exceptional leadership to the staff, collaborate with committee chairs to assist in implementing policies, programs, and events, and consult with the President, Board, and committee chairs on significant matters pertaining to the club. Ensuring utmost member and guest satisfaction, the General Manager will monitor the quality of the club’s products and services while fostering an atmosphere of hospitality, friendliness, and goodwill.

The Nassau Club offers a competitive compensation plan and benefits package.

About the Ideal Candidate
The Nassau Club is seeking a highly qualified hospitality professional for this exceptional opportunity. The ideal candidate will possess a minimum of 10 years’ work experience in private club management, with at least five years as a General Manager in a club of comparable size, scope of services, and cultural significance as The Nassau Club. Consideration will also be given to experienced and well-trained Assistant General Managers from highly regarded properties.

The successful candidate will have a proven track record in leading fine dining operations, with a strong emphasis on delivering outstanding service. He/she will have demonstrated their ability to shape excellent dining offerings and programming that align with the traditional and contemporary preferences of a sophisticated membership. In addition, the ideal candidate will have a history of successful revenue generation, along with experience in selecting and training a skilled, service-oriented staff within a high-end club environment.

The next General Manager of The Nassau Club will be well-versed in working within an engaged committee system and possess expertise in capital project facilitation. As an exceptional leader, delegator, and motivator, the General Manager will excel in financial management, organization, communication, and administration.

Apply for This Position
Interested candidates should complete the online candidate professional profile form and submit a compelling cover letter and resume for consideration to DENEHY Club Thinking Partners at If you have any questions or to recommend a candidate, please contact Mark Sell at 203.319.8228 or by email: