Governance Review creation of a Best in Class Governance System 
Club Thinking Partners is conducting a Governance Review and the creation of a sustainable governance construct for this private, member-owned country club ranked as one of Golf Digest’s Top 50 American Golf Courses. The project’s objective is to create a best in class, durable governance structure that will allow the club to recrite the best board and committee members possible while keeping the leadership team accountable. Elements of this process include a Board Survey, assessment of the Club’s current governance structure and how it relates to the management of the Club. The Board is seeking direction on defining the responsibilities of the Board and committees and outlining the segregation of the duties of management vs. the Board.  The work product for this project will be Board Policy Manual with customized policies, charters, and guidelines. As part of this project, we will also review the current By-laws to develop recommendations for the Board’s consideration to submit to their legal representatives for further review and refinement. Throughout this process, we will meet individually and in group settings with Board and Committee Chairperson.   In subsequent years, the Firm will provide annual board retreats and onboarding for new board members.