Events & Sponsorships


Turf Tech Workshop
The Ridge Golf Club, January 3 2023, 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
“How To Marketing Yourself For Career Success” Presented By Patrick Finlen
The PGA Show
Orlando, Florida, January 24-27, 2023



February 24-28, 2023, Orlando, Florida 

CMAA’s World Conference and Club Business Expo returns to its in-person format to maximize networking, present stellar business and industry experts, foster interactive forums for your biggest challenges, and build and further our industry.

The industry’s largest annual gathering provides a multitude of opportunities to chart a new course and forge ahead:

  • Advance your career and expand your network
  • Meet your certification goals
  • Find new talent for your club and mentor future industry leaders
  • Gain new ideas and insights for your club
  • Research and secure solutions for your club’s challenges

Media Coverage


December 2022
The Great Communication Divide

Fall 2022
Budget Time is Here Is a 20% dues increase palatable?

Point/Counterpoint Webinar:
DENEHY Club Thinking Partners President Dan Denehy and Vice President Bob James come together for a point-counterpoint webcast on topics affecting the private club industry. Based on their popular Club Director column, Dan and Bob will explore the following issues with varying points of view:

Topic 1: Future of Committees In Private Clubs
Topic 2: Topic 2: Work Life Balance: Is it Doable?
Topic 3: Topic 3: Private Club Discipline: Who Should Enforce?

Recording can be found here.

Summer 2022
Point/Counterpoint: Holding Your President Accountable

March/April 2022
Vetting Prospective Firms: It’s vital to identify and select the right firm for your club’s executive search and consulting needs.

Spring 2022
Point/Counterpoint: How do club boards balance transparency and confidentiality?

Winter 2022
As A Club Leader, I Often Hear More Complaints Than Compliments. What Is The Best Way To Handle Feedback?

Fall 2021
Retaining Your Key Executives – A Look at Retirement Packages and Experiences

Summer 2021
The role of the Chief Operating Officer/General Manager

Spring 2021
The Nominating Process: The Lynchpin of Great Governance

Winter 2021
Point/Counterpoint — Is Stakeholder capital right for your club’s future?

Fall 2020
Point/Counterpoint — Is Golf Still the Most Important Aspect of the Country Club?

September/October 2020
Passing The Baton — Successful Transition of Board Members 

Summer 2020
Point/Counterpoint — What’s The Best Way to Deal with a Malcontent at the Club? 

Spring 2020
Can you still afford to be all things to all members?

Winter 2020
Point/Counterpoint: Are Clubs “Businesses” in the Business Sense?

Fall 2019
Point/Counterpoint: Overtime — Should it be vilified any longer? 

Winter 2019
What are some ways clubs can compete for entry-level employees in today’s job market?

Summer 2019
Risk Management: What is the fourth step in a risk management program?

Spring 2019
Risk Management: What are the fiduciary responsibilities of boards to protect the club financially from natural disasters?

Fall 2018
Executive Contracts: How can employment agreements be a win-win for both the club and manager?

Summer 2018
Wage & Benefits: What’s your compensation philosophy?

Winter 2017
Where has all the talent gone, or, where is it going?

Fall 2017
How is governance different with a management company?

Spring 2016
Why is it so hard for my club to find a membership director?

Winter 2015
What are some of the fundamentals of high functioning service cultures?

Fall 2015
What is the difference between an employment contract and offer letter?

Spring 2015
How do you find the right interim GM and ensure his or her success?

Winter 2014
What are the most critical components of an effective management team?

Summer 2014
How do you hold consultants accountable?

Spring 2014
How do you say “no” in the boardroom?

Winter 2013
How do you measure success in the GM review?

Summer 2013
Has the recent recession brought about changes in the role GMs play at private clubs?

Spring 2013
What are the non-monetary top trends in GM compensation packages?

Summer 2012
The General Manager Review

Summer 2011
Defining The Gold Standard 


June 2022
DENEHY Club Thinking Partners Welcomes Carolyn Kepcher

February 2022
DENEHY Club Thinking Partners Welcomes Pat Finlen as Executive Vice President

DENEHY Club Thinking Partners Renews Partnership with NCA for Tenth Year–Renewal Marks NCA’s Longest Serving Executive Search Firm Partner

May 2021
2020 Lawyer Of The Year Named Official Thinking Partner by DENEHY Club Thinking Partners

June 2020
Craig Martin Joins DENEHY Club Thinking Partners

December 2019
Detroit Athletic Club Announces New Leadership

September 2019
DENEHY Club Thinking Partners Expands Team

November 19, 2018
DENEHY Club Thinking Partners Renews Commitment to NCA as Strategic Alliance Partner