Speaking Events

MAY 2022

Thursday, May 4, 2022
CTP’s Dan Denehy and Bob James come together for a point-counterpoint webcast on topics affecting the private club industry.


MARCH 2022

Metropolitan Club Managers Association 2022 Vendor Show

March 22, 2022, Glen Island Harbour Club, New Rochelle, New York 



February 19-23, 2022, San Diego Convention Center 

The industry’s largest gathering of club management professionals immerses attendees in five days of educational programming specifically engineered for their challenges. Register here.

Visit us at booth #1106. 

JULY 2021

Business Management Institute (BMI) Strategic Leadership

July 12-16, 2021

Boston, MA

On July 14 20201, Kirk O. Reese, CCM, Executive Vice President, DENEHY Club Thinking Partners will present at a BMI course that focuses on strategic management for club managers. Learn more here: https://www.cm

MAY 2021

CMAA Golden State Reinvention Spring Conference

May 25, 2021

Kirk O. Reese, CCM, Executive Vaa.org/BMIV/ice President, DENEHY Club Thinking Partners presented a 90 minute session on Governance.  Learn more here. 

APRIL 2021

SCPGA Catalyst Webinar 

April 8, 2021

Kirk O. Reese, CCM, Executive Vice President, DENEHY Club Thinking Partners presented a webinar entitled Career Transitions: How to Survive, Adapt and Thrive.

Check out the presentation here.

MARCH 2021

CTP’s Dan Denehy was a guest lecturer last week at NYU’s Management of Private Clubs & Resorts course.

The CTP Team loves meeting the next generation of Club leaders—our industry’s future is certainly bright! Being a part of their education is a privilege and we are thrilled to be involved. Thank you to John Moser for the invitation!



March 8-21, 2021

Expand your skills and knowledge, collaborate with fellow professionals, and explore the latest innovations at the once-in-a-lifetime virtual 2021 World Conference & Club Business Expo. Learn more and register here.

CTP is thrilled to be participating in the following presentations at the CMAA 2021 World Conference:

Title: Budgeting Fundamentals for Club Management

Presenter: Robert C. James, CCM, CCE, CHE – Vice President

Description: It is not your strengths that make you, but your weaknesses that break you. Club boards expect strong financial managerial skills from in their management team and that all starts with the budget. In this session you’ll be introduced to the three main club budgets: Operating, Capital, and Cash Flow and key metrics that substantiate success.

Title: Mind the Gap

Presenters:  Dan Denehy, CCM, CHA – President and Kirk O. Reese, CCM – Executive Vice President

Description: This session is for Club Professionals who want to become General Managers. We will share insight and strategic career moves to help fill common gaps in skills and experience on the path to a general manager role.

Title: Three Amigos – A mentoring saga

Presenters: Kirk O. Reese, CCM – Executive Vice President, David Chag CCM, Luke O’ Boyle CCM,

Description: Follow three industry professionals who have mentored each other through their advancement to the top of their professions.  With age differences of a generation, these three have served each other as mentors and mentees benefitting greatly from sharing their experiences and knowledge.

Learn more here!

Media Coverage


March/April 2022
Vetting Prospective Firms: It’s vital to identify and select the right firm for your club’s executive search and consulting needs.

Spring 2022
Point/Counterpoint: How do club boards balance transparency and confidentiality?

Winter 2022
As A Club Leader, I Often Hear More Complaints Than Compliments. What Is The Best Way To Handle Feedback?

Fall 2021
Retaining Your Key Executives – A Look at Retirement Packages and Experiences

Summer 2021
The role of the Chief Operating Officer/General Manager

Spring 2021
The Nominating Process: The Lynchpin of Great Governance

Winter 2021
Point/Counterpoint — Is Stakeholder capital right for your club’s future?

Fall 2020
Point/Counterpoint — Is Golf Still the Most Important Aspect of the Country Club?

September/October 2020
Passing The Baton — Successful Transition of Board Members 

Summer 2020
Point/Counterpoint — What’s The Best Way to Deal with a Malcontent at the Club? 

Spring 2020
Can you still afford to be all things to all members?

Winter 2020
Point/Counterpoint: Are Clubs “Businesses” in the Business Sense?

Fall 2019
Point/Counterpoint: Overtime — Should it be vilified any longer? 

Winter 2019
What are some ways clubs can compete for entry-level employees in today’s job market?

Summer 2019
Risk Management: What is the fourth step in a risk management program?

Spring 2019
Risk Management: What are the fiduciary responsibilities of boards to protect the club financially from natural disasters?

Fall 2018
Executive Contracts: How can employment agreements be a win-win for both the club and manager?

Summer 2018
Wage & Benefits: What’s your compensation philosophy?

Winter 2017
Where has all the talent gone, or, where is it going?

Fall 2017
How is governance different with a management company?

Spring 2016
Why is it so hard for my club to find a membership director?

Winter 2015
What are some of the fundamentals of high functioning service cultures?

Fall 2015
What is the difference between an employment contract and offer letter?

Spring 2015
How do you find the right interim GM and ensure his or her success?

Winter 2014
What are the most critical components of an effective management team?

Summer 2014
How do you hold consultants accountable?

Spring 2014
How do you say “no” in the boardroom?

Winter 2013
How do you measure success in the GM review?

Summer 2013
Has the recent recession brought about changes in the role GMs play at private clubs?

Spring 2013
What are the non-monetary top trends in GM compensation packages?

Summer 2012
The General Manager Review

Summer 2011
Defining The Gold Standard 


June 2022
DENEHY Club Thinking Partners Welcomes Carolyn Kepcher

February 2022
DENEHY Club Thinking Partners Welcomes Pat Finlen as Executive Vice President

DENEHY Club Thinking Partners Renews Partnership with NCA for Tenth Year–Renewal Marks NCA’s Longest Serving Executive Search Firm Partner

May 2021
2020 Lawyer Of The Year Named Official Thinking Partner by DENEHY Club Thinking Partners

June 2020
Craig Martin Joins DENEHY Club Thinking Partners

December 2019
Detroit Athletic Club Announces New Leadership

September 2019
DENEHY Club Thinking Partners Expands Team

November 19, 2018
DENEHY Club Thinking Partners Renews Commitment to NCA as Strategic Alliance Partner