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Point O’Woods Association | Point O’Woods, New York
General Manager

About the Association
Point O’Woods is a serene, multigenerational enclave nestled on Fire Island, a mere hour’s journey from both the bustling heart of Manhattan and the refined charm of Easthampton, yet it stands timeless, 30 years removed from the pace of both. Rooted in a steadfast dedication to the essence of family living, Point O’Woods exudes an unassuming tranquility, cradled by the natural splendor of its beachside locale. Established in the late 1800s, its enduring mission is to offer residents a haven for recreation, culture, spiritual reflection, and a profound connection with nature. Across generations, the community steadfastly upholds the virtues of simplicity and communal bonds, ensuring that Point O’Woods remains a cherished sanctuary within life’s grand tapestry.

Spanning 200 acres along Fire Island’s pristine shores, Point O’Woods comprises 133 summer residences, along with accommodations for staff and essential community facilities. Governed by the Point O’Woods Association—a cooperative corporation overseen by a dedicated Board of Directors—the community’s land is collectively owned, with homeowners securing renewable, long-term leases. Through this unique arrangement, the Association meticulously manages all property transactions, maintaining a steadfast commitment to fostering a familial atmosphere. Predominantly catering to families with children, rentals are carefully orchestrated, with home sales being a rarity.

In addition to its picturesque residences and breathtaking natural surroundings, Point O’Woods boasts a plethora of amenities designed to enrich the lives of its residents across all ages. Anchoring the community’s maritime offerings is the Yacht Club, featuring 40 slips to accommodate seafaring enthusiasts. Adjacent to the sun-kissed shores lies The Club at Point O’Woods, a charming dining facility offering delectable fare with a side of breathtaking ocean views. Catering to the spiritual needs of its diverse population, Point O’Woods is home to a non-denominational Church, providing a sacred space for reflection and worship.

Ensuring seamless connectivity with the mainland, Point O’Woods features a private dock facility with ample parking, complemented by its very own ferry service shuttling residents to and from the island retreat. Essential conveniences abound, including a well-stocked Grocery Store and a quaint Candy Store, satisfying cravings both practical and indulgent. The community hub, known affectionately as the “Casino,” serves as a versatile meeting hall, hosting a myriad of events ranging from movies and dances to art shows and community gatherings.

Further enhancing the community’s appeal are its essential services, including a dedicated Post Office and a Volunteer Fire Company, ensuring the safety and well-being of all residents. Outdoor enthusiasts can revel in recreational pursuits, with amenities such as a grass ball field, 11 meticulously maintained clay tennis courts, and pristine swimming beaches dotting both the oceanfront and the tranquil Great South Bay.

Point O’Woods takes pride in nurturing the next generation, offering a comprehensive Children’s Sports Program catering to ages 5 to 13, as well as competitive sailing and tennis teen programming, fostering athletic excellence and camaraderie among youth. The community’s vibrant social scene comes alive with an array of programming, including dances, movies, and art shows, fostering a sense of belonging and cultural enrichment.

About the Position
The General Manager oversees the management of both full-time and seasonal employees, facility maintenance, and financial health of the Association, adhering to established policies and bylaws. They coordinate on/off season activities under the President’s direction and collaborate with the Club’s Board and Community’s Assembly to support staff and volunteers organizing various programs. Additionally, they liaise with external partners such as the Volunteer Fire Company, Church, Yacht Squadron, and Bay Point Navigation, attending major community events and board meetings. Consulting with leadership on significant matters, the General Manager develops plans to achieve annual and long-term objectives, assisting in updating the Association’s Long-Range Plan. Fostering a cooperative team atmosphere, they prioritize responsiveness and a friendly approach to homeowner, renter, and volunteer requests, actively supporting volunteer organizations with Association resources in a positive and enthusiastic manner.

About the Ideal Candidate
The ideal candidate for the General Manager position at Point O’Woods possesses a robust background spanning a minimum of 10-15 years in association or private club management, ideally culminating in a General Manager role within a similar-sized and culturally aligned community. This individual demonstrates a proven track record of effective operational and team management, characterized by integrity, creativity, and enthusiasm. Their expertise extends to areas such as facilities management, homeowners’ association management, engineering, or construction project management, with a focus on seasonal community dynamics and engagement with passionate volunteer homeowners and Board members.

Key attributes include a professional demeanor with exceptional communication skills, adept at navigating interactions with diverse stakeholders ranging from homeowners and renters to regulatory authorities and suppliers. He/she possesses a clear understanding and unwavering commitment to core values such as honesty, integrity, equity, and transparency, aligning seamlessly with the traditions and values of Point O’Woods.

Furthermore, the ideal candidate exhibits strong leadership qualities, capable of providing operational direction in line with the community’s vision while swiftly analyzing situations and communicating solutions effectively to all parties involved. He/she demonstrates sensitivity to people and adeptness in managing relationships with local government agencies and law enforcement.

Operational acumen is essential, encompassing long-range planning, capital project facilitation, and comprehensive financial management skills. The selected candidate excels in staff recruitment, training, and retention, fostering a culture of service excellence and quality consciousness throughout the organization.

With a commitment to personal engagement and residency within the Point O’Woods community, the General Manager embraces a warm, engaging personality, enjoys a family-oriented environment, and thrives on collaboration at all levels of the organization. Their sense of humor, combined with a genuine desire to contribute to the community’s well-being, ensures a seamless fit within the fabric of Point O’Woods’ unique ambiance and culture.

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Interested candidates should complete the online candidate profile form and submit a compelling cover letter and resume for consideration to DENEHY Club Thinking Partners at If you have any questions or to recommend a candidate, please contact Carolyn Kepcher at 203.319.8228 or by email at