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The Trail Club | Carmel Hamlet, New York
General Manager

About the Club
The Trail Club is a private membership community founded in 1924. It is located on 1000 acres of pristine wooded land a little more than one hour north of New York City. The sense of community is strong. While the members join together in various activities, including tennis, sailing, horseback riding, hiking, trap shooting, or dining at the Clubhouse, the Trail Club provides a setting for fun and friendship. In the summer, the most important activity on any day may involve nothing more than time spent on the beach. Since its inception, the Club has attracted an active membership and created an uncommon camaraderie.

The Trail Club is full of tradition and devotion to a way of life – the love of the outdoors. The Trail Club is a membership organization and a community with everyday purposes of friendship, relaxation, privacy, recreation, and community participation. The sharing of these objectives, along with a deep appreciation of those who founded and carried through the sound principles of management and cooperation, has made the Club, as a family of individuals, so unique and successful for so many years.

The Trail Clubhouse is the heart of the community — a place for all members to dine, read, watch sporting events, play cards, and spend time with friends old and new. Dining is available at two venues, offering traditional Club cuisine with contemporary twists. Gross revenue exceeds $2.9 million, with Food & Beverage accounting for $475,000 (1-2% from F&B Revenue from private events). There are 50 staff members at the height of the season, 1.5 kitchens, nine Board members and approximately 118 members. The Club is open year-round. Peak season starts in May and runs until Labor Day. The Club is closed on Mondays.

About the Position
The General Manager of The Trail Club is entrusted with the comprehensive oversight of all club operations, adhering closely to the directives set forth by the Board of Governors and the Club’s By-laws, Rules, and Regulations. This pivotal role encompasses collaborating with the Controller to meticulously craft both annual operating and capital budgets, subject to review and approval by the Finance Committee and Board.

Beyond financial stewardship, the General Manager assumes responsibility for effectively managing and directing club operations, striving to achieve predetermined objectives. They are tasked with harmonizing all facets of management within the Club and supporting committee chairs in formulating policies, programs, and events. Regular consultation with the President, the Board, and committee chairs ensures alignment on matters crucial to the Club’s welfare.

In the daily execution of duties, the General Manager upholds the highest standards, ensuring the delivery of exceptional products and services to enhance member and guest satisfaction. Central to their mission is cultivating an environment characterized by warmth, hospitality, and camaraderie.

About the Ideal Candidate
The ideal candidate for the General Manager position must have at least seven years of club management experience, with Assistant Manager experience also considered. They should demonstrate a proven track record in selecting, developing, and motivating staff and show stability in their career. Experience in leading family-friendly club organizations is highly valued.

The selected candidate should be a strategic thinker capable of driving innovation, with strong leadership skills in team and private club settings. He/she must possess excellent communication skills and maintain high standards of professionalism and ethics.

Financial management expertise, particularly in budgeting and forecasting, and a keen eye for detail in enhancing the member experience are essential. The candidate should excel in talent assessment and retention while fostering a member-focused service culture.

The General Manager should have excellent written and verbal communication skills and be prepared to engage effectively in boardroom meetings. A passion for the outdoors, respect for tradition, and creativity are desirable traits, along with the ability to build positive relationships with club members.

Apply for This Position
Interested candidates should complete the online candidate profile form and submit a compelling cover letter and resume for consideration to DENEHY Club Thinking Partners at If you have any questions or to recommend a candidate, please contact Carolyn Kepcher at 203.319.8228 or by email at